Hand Gripper Strength


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1. Product Name: Weight Lifting Rolling Rope Arm Forearm Jacket Wrist Strengthener

2. Material: steel pipe + black foam + nylon rope

3.Features: to exercise wrist and forearm

4. Product size: (approx.) handle length: 38 cm/14.9”, rope length: 105 cm/41.34”

5. How to use:

(1) Stand, hold the reel and roll up the hanging weights with strength. First, wind it clockwise, and then rewind it counterclockwise. Repeat the action. This exercise can make the forearm muscle to be thicker and stronger.

In addition, exercises such as gripping grippers, grasping barbells, etc. are also effective methods for developing forearm muscles.

(2) It’s enough for you to exercise forearm muscles once every three days. When exercising, you can select 2-3 movements according to your needs. Repeat 15-20 times for each movement. The trainer is supposed not to be too heavy to avoid injury.


Packing list:

1X Wrist Arm Trainer




Hand Gripper Strength